Visit To Universal Studio Singapore

Visit To Universal Studio Singapore

Hi guys,

As we all are going through such a tough time due to Covid-19, we need some time out of our homes to boost up our mental health. I am not saying that we should forget about covid-19 and be careless. We can go out and have some fun with some extra measures.

Recently me and some of my friends with their family went to Universal Studio, Singapore. We had lot of fun there. But due to covid-19, we have to put on mask all the time and as the weather was very hot that day I felt that it would have been better if I visit the place when everything will be back to normal. But the question is, Is everything going to be normal again soon? Well, I don’t think so and I am happy that we went. There were some advantages due to covid-19 as there were no more visitors outside from Singapore, the queue was very short and the place was not very crowded.

Below are some of the pictures:

It felt like we were the only ones!
Mandatory Step Pose!
Sesame Street!
Us <3
With My Daughter!
My Princess With Minion!
My Fav Colour Car (Yellow)!
My Mains!
Look At Me πŸ˜‰
Kitty With Hello Kitty!
Always Ready To Pose!
Minions and Us. πŸ˜›
Whole Group! πŸ˜€


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