Hi guys, This post is pending since too long. We were in Seattle in July. The weather was ok. Mornings were cold, afternoon hot and nights were cold. So I suggest you guys to carry thin pullover or something else for

Honeymoon is the best part of everyone's marriage life. When it comes to plan it, it takes lot of thoughts, energy and time. Travel agencies have honeymoon packages which you can take if you don't want to put much efforts

Hello Everyone, This is my first post on this blog. I stopped blogging for a year and half and now I am back in action again. I travelled to Seattle from Singapore with my husband (Ravi) and daughter (Arya). I was

Hey guys, Finally temperature has dropped and clouds have started pouring water on mother earth give us a much needed respite from unbearable heat. The most awaited season is now finally here. I am very fond of rain, clouds, lightings, croaking frogs,

Hello Everyone, How was your week-end guys? I hope it must have been amazing. I know it's Monday, don't we all hate Mondays? Who doesn't want to spend whole day watching movies or gossiping with friends? Everybody loves that. As they said

Maldives, as they say 'a heaven on earth' is truly  beautiful and peaceful with beaches and blue water everywhere. It's a perfect place to visit with your partner, you'll have all time in the world to chat, eat, drink and

Hello Everyone, I was busy for a while but  now I am back to my routine and hence here I am with my another post from Europe Trip. The city of art, fashion and culture Paris,  is very famous for high