Towards an active lifestyle.

Towards an active lifestyle.

Its time of year when new set of Apple Products are announce, when you’re in tech industry, its hard to miss leaked information related to Apple products. By the time Tim Cook announces it on stage, pretty much everything about new product line is public.

As every year, Tim Cook took the stage to unveil 3 new models of iPhone and Apple Watch Series 4. It looks like we’re at a stage where PC industry was 5 years back. There are incremental upgrades of hardware but nothing revolutionary. And I don’t mean to say advancements in new hardware any less significant, but like PC industry, slow these advancements won’t really matter much. 

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This brings me to another device which Apple announced, which is Apple Watch series 4. Now was not a watch guy, when they first released it, I totally skipped it as some useless gadget until my wife gifted me an Apple Watch couple of months back. At first, I thought I might not use it after few days but it turns out that I rarely go out without putting on my Apple Watch. It’s just that once you start using it, you realize the utility of this device. It fit nicely if you’re already invested in Apple Ecosystem. I love my Airpods but its annoying to use you phone to change volume on Airpods. With Apple Watch, I can use digital crown to increase or decrease volume on Airpods.

Another feature I love is, unlocking my Macbook with Apple Watch. Once you set it up, it works invisibly to make sure your life much easy. Enterprises have strong password policy which require you to setup a fairly complex password and not typing it to unlock your machine is godsend 🙂

These are more of cosmetic features, the real utility is how it’s designed to motivate you to be more active. 

I got mine in June and you can clearly see my daily average distance went from 3 to 5. It makes you conscious about your daily activity. 

Another important feature is sleep tracking, although its not built-in but there are third party apps like Pillow and Sleep++ which help you track your sleep quality. This year, with Apple Watch Series 4, biggest new features is ECG. Having ability to take ECG reading on the go is great, specially for people with heart problems. As per their study, there are many people who are unaware of problem with their heart and having something like this readily available can make a lot of difference. It is interesting that Apple is making efforts in area of health and I’m sure there are lot of interesting things to see in future.


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