Hello Everyone,

Today’s post is all about fitness and health. All of us want to stay fit  and healthy, isn’t it?  But who wants to put efforts on workout and following a proper diet. 

Workouts play an important role for staying fit. And physical activity is also important if you want to be fit, one should walk or jog regularly for around 30 mins everyday and besides this, 30 mins morning yoga helps you stay calm and feel relaxed. 

It may be difficult for us to include daily walking or workouts in our routine but trust me guys, once you start doing it, you’ll find it difficult to skip a day without workout and walking. 

The second important thing to stay healthy is to eat healthy. One should eat green veggies, fruits and nuts in their everyday diet to stay healthy. You don’t have to choose between what you like and what is healthy. Just eliminate stuff that’s unhealthy. I know it’s difficult but try to stay away from junk food as much as possible. 

The another important thing is to be hydrated, try to drink more than 2.5 litres of water daily to stay hydrated, which help your body to be fit. It keeps our body healthy by flushing out unnecessary toxins. 

Today’s outfits is from I’m a huge fan of’s apparel. For this post,  I chose joggers (mint green), I like this color and fabric is extremely comfy for morning walks and workouts. I paired it with navy blue tank top from, which makes it beautiful combination.  Always remember that “Fit is not a destination, it is a way of life” – Unknown.

Outfit Details:

Joggers Pant:

Tank Top:

Shoes: Ajio



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