Hi All,

As many of you might be aware of mother’s day, it comes on second Sunday of May to honour mothers. As the saying goes “Being a mother is an attitude, not a biological relation”. Mother is only person in the world who loves her child without any conditions. She not only carries baby in her womb for nine months but also puts her child’s happiness ahead of her own throughout her life. There are million things that a mother does for her child, the list would be endless. So guys, I am writing this post on few things you can do for your mom on this mother’s day to make her feel special. I am listing down some things that one can do for his/her mom this mother’s day.

  • Day Off

 Yes, you hear me right. Give your maa a day off, from breakfast to dinner. Her duty starts from morning till night without any holidays or leaves so at least she deserves a day off.

  • Dinner Date:

Take her to her favourite restaurant or some new place which she have never visited before. Don’t tell her in advance that you are dinning out, let it be a surprise. She’ll be definitely delighted.

  • Gift

You can surprise her by hiding gift in her wardrobe or somewhere she’d come across it. You can gift her saree, perfume, handbag, watch, mobile etc. Even you can gift her handmade mother’s day card. It’s not necessary to buy an fancy gift to impress your mom, even a flower with love would make her day memorable.

  • Grandparents:

Plan a visit with her to your grandparents home or call them at your place. It would be heart touching for her to see her mother on mother’s day.

That’s it for today’s post, hope you guys like it. Comment below if you have any other ideas to celebrate mother’s day.


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