Hey guys,

Today’s post is about my Lal Darwaja or Teen Darwaja shopping haul. Recently I visited Lal Darwaja for VAT registration related work and I saw many hawkers on my way back. I couldn’t stop myself from checking out stuff they were selling. They had handbags, slings, wallets, bag packs and lot of other stuff. I checked every single vendor in the beginning but, later I got tired as some of the them had same items. I bought few things at very low price and can’t tell you guys how good I feel about it.

Navy Blue handbag cum bag pack:

I got attracted by it at very first sight. You can wear it in two different ways, either as a handbag or as bag pack. Its material is soft and comfortable. It has two main section with small pockets inside. There is also one pocket outside it where one can keep small things like keys, pen, mobile, coins,etc. in it.

Rani Pink Bracelet:

This bracelet has both traditional and boho touch in it and thats something I liked about it. It is versatile, you can wear it with your ethnic wear or any of your bohemian dress. It has tassels at both ends which makes it look beautiful and pretty. I can’t take my eyes off it.

Striped Bag Pack:

This canvas bag pack is perfect for your one day outing. It can also be used as college bag. It has leather belts which gives it a cool look. Fabric is good for price I paid and it is washable as well, so no worries if it gets dirty.


It looks pretty cool on me, will upload some pictures wearing it in my upcoming blogpost. It is of decent quality. It doesn’t look cheap at all. They had many more styles but I liked this one as it is trending these days.

Neon Hairbands:

Good combination of bright colours with multicoloured beads on it.

Jewellery Organizer:

I wanted to have something like this in my wardrobe since quite some time. It has partitions in it to organize things separately. Now I can see all my earrings at one go which helps me get ready quickly.

Some Tips:

  • Try to bargain as much as you can.
  • Keep your valuables safe.
  • Don’t forget to take shopping bag.
  • Always keep a water bottle with you.
  • Don’t buy too many things from one vendor.
  • Check everything twice before buying. (You don’t want to end up buying faulty item)
  • Put everything in your shopping bag after buying. (You don’t want to forget it at some shop)

Price Details:

Solid Blue Bag: 250

Rani Pink Bracelet: 60

Striped Blue Bag: 350

Googles: 200

Neon Hairbands: 30

Hope you guys like this post. Please comment below, would love to hear from you guys. XOXO 🙂


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