Hello Everyone,

I was busy for a while but  now I am back to my routine and hence here I am with my another post from Europe Trip. The city of art, fashion and culture Paris,  is very famous for high end designer brands for clothing and handbags. One of my favourite brands of handbag Louis Vuitton was founded in Paris.


On 27th of July 2015, We reached Paris our second last destination of Europe Trip. I was very excited to roam around in the city of love and fashion. It was very cold and windy. On our first day in Paris we visited Eiffel tower and it was great experience.

There were two options to visit Eiffel tower one by Lift and another through steps. We took later one and it was perfect decision. We stood for about an hour in queue for tickets then we  went on the first floor from which the view was good. We clicked some pictures and started towards second floor.The view from the second floor was amazing. Everything from the top looks very small and tiny. Check out some pictures from the top of the Eiffel tower.

We had some snacks and coffee on Eiffel tower. Then we went down and roam around the tower did some window shopping. We were waiting for the lights on the tower to get on. And there it started, Ahh! What an amazing look.

On our way back to hotel we had pizza in some local pizza cafe and it was amazing. I still remember the taste of pizza.

On second day we visited many different places in Paris by Foxity tour buses. They provides a very good service. Thanks for stopping by.




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