Day III Voyager Of The Seas

Day III Voyager Of The Seas

Hi guys,

Day 3 was full of fun as we went for sightseeing in Phuket, Thailand. We started our day with breakfast in the cruise where restaurant was full of people as everybody wants to visit Phuket. One problem we faced at that time was we won’t be able to find table for us. They have different hall for guests staying in suites and it was full of non-suites guest which was quite annoying. Later, they started checking cards but it was too late then. After breakfast we went to deck from where we were suppose to sit in boat for going ashore.

We Three! <3
View From Cruise’s Top Deck!

We haven’t planned anything. One of our friends suggest us that there were many guides and travel agencies guys standing ashore. We discuss what we want to do and accordingly asked one guy about it and he agreed with that. (Tip: We did some bargaining, so you can try too). We decided to go islands instead of city sightseeing.

Enjoying The Ride!

We went to some place by car first and then from there we went to James Bond Island. We had some snacks and coconut water there after that we went to some place in the middle of the water for canoeing. Our guide was great he showed us places and told us every detail about it. We ate pineapple which we bought from one of the water boat store. The guy told us that there is supermarket over there lol, then he showed that boat.

Mountains & Water, Love Them Together! 😀

After that we started moving back, on the way he showed another spot and made stop at one of the water restaurants. We didn’t eat as there were very few veg options.

We pamper ourselves with body massage at last and went back to cruise. It was an amazing day. We had loads of fun and photo’s 😛 Hope you guys like this.