Day 2 At Bintan Lagoon Resort

Day 2 At Bintan Lagoon Resort

Hi guys,

I am back with another post from our recent get away at Bintan. On our second day we were planning to do some activities on resort and explore the resort. We started by roaming randomly and clicking pictures over the island.

What A View 😀
Let Me Adjust My Hair First! 😛
Posing For Camera 😉
One With My Baby
Father And Daughter (For me two kids 😛 )

The day was very bright, windy and sunny. I love that sound of wind which is very calming. I did archery for the first time and it was wonderful experience. My hubby put a lot of effort in clicking the picture of me doinf archery as the guy doesn’t stop teaching me how to do it. I wasted first few arrows but later I got it right.

Archery! <3
Me And Beach
Perfect Picture! <3 <3
Arya’s Fav Place At Resort