Hi everyone,

After a long sleep, I woke up and got ready to roam around in Bilbao, Spain. We started by taking a walk on riverside near our hotel. There were many people running, jogging and walking near riverside, me too got motivated to run. Clicked some pictures while walking and enjoying weather.


After that we went back to hotel as we had to check out from hotel and checkin in an apartment which we rented through Airbnb. Hotel receptionist tried to call taxi for us but somehow he was not able to reach driver, so we went out and started walking. We asked few people for information on getting a taxi but the problem was no one cloud speak English. A very helpful lady caught word ‘taxi’ from my sentences and understood that we needed a taxi so she called one for us. That was my first interaction with a person I never knew in Bilbao and I learned that people over there are very helpful and friendly.We reached our apartment where the owner was waiting  for us. She told us some does and don’t.  She also give us information about few famous places to visit in and around Bilbao.

We rested for few hours as Ravi had to make some final preparation for his presentation at EuroPython 2015. Then we went out for dinner. Came back to our place. Thats how we spent our first day in Bilbao. 🙂

Bilbao is a small city. Some places you must visit in Bilbao are Guggenheim museum, Old city, Moyua circle, Dona Casilda Park, Zubizuri bridge, Getxo (beach near Bilbao). If you are shopaholic you would love Bilbao as there are many places to shop in Bilbao with reasonable price. 🙂

Dress: Westside (Iscon Mall, Ahmedabad)

Sandals: Myntra

Googles: IDE (Alpha One Mall, Ahmedabad)

Bracelet: Gifted By Mom-In-Law




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