Bollywood actresses to take Fitness inspiration from

Bollywood actresses to take Fitness inspiration from


All of us is obsess with celebrity like body and figure. Am I right? But we are not aware how much time and energy they put in to get that? 

It’s not very difficult to spare some time in morning for workout. Once you start doing exercise it will become your routine. But you have to give some time to your body to get habituate it with. Exercising daily keeps you healthy and fresh all day. 

Take care of your body.Its the only place you have to live in.

Being healthy and fit isn’t a fad or trend. It’s a lifestyle.

Don’t just think of exercise as some task that you need to complete. Think of it as a way of living a healthy life. You can do workout in many different ways like you can dance on your favourite songs for 20 mins. It’s the best cardio. You can go on jogging with your friends or partner. You can go swimming and many more things. Let check what our Bollywood divas do to be fit and healthy.

Deepika Padukone: 

Deepika do Yogasanas followed by 30 minutes walk very morning. She also does pilates and weight lifting. Actress is the very strict about her workout routine. If she misses gym she burn calories by dancing. She loves to do different categories of dance like Bharat Natyam, Jazz, Kathak, etc,.

Shilpa Shetty: 

Shilpa Shetty does all type of workout. She performs Yoga twice a week. Besides this she does strength training two times a week and cardio once a week. She does heavy weight lifting to tone her muscles. She also does meditation which helps her to relieve from stress.

Sonam Kapoor: 

Sonam starts her day with jogging followed by 30 minutes cardio exercise. After that she perform Yoga or dance exercise. She like swimming and playing squash which helps her loose some calories too.

Anushka Sharma: 

Newly wedded actress is seen doing workout with her partner Virat Kohli on Instagram. They really are a cute couple. 🙂  She dance for 30 minutes everyday believing it’s a great cardio exercise. Besides this she also like to do Yoga which is core part of her workout. She also does weight and strength training. When she is away she like to go on walk or jogging. She does meditation twice a day (morning and before going to bed).


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