Hi Ladies,

I have joined swimming before few days so, I thought to share my experience with you all. I was bit nervous on my first day but, the moment I stepped inside the pool my nervousness went away and I was feeling very relaxed. We can get all the benefits of an aerobic workout from swimming. Swimming will help in so many ways that we can’t even imagine. I have mentioned some of them below.

1. Muscles Strength

Swimming helps to strengthen the muscles of entire body. Leg kicks strengthens legs, thighs, lower abdomen and back muscles. Hand movements strengthens arms and shoulder. Swimming will give whole body workout without much stress on body.

2. Healthy Heart

Swimming gives cardiovascular strength too. A study by the State University of New York showed that compared to non swimmers those who swim have lower heart rates and better blood pressure.

3. Weight Control

Swimming is one of the biggest calorie burner workout and perfect for keeping weight under control. For 10 minutes of swimming you can burn around 60 to 70 calories depending on the stroke you choose.

4. Lowers Stress and Depression

Swimming will help to feel relaxed. The blue colour of water, your own breath sound, bubbles,underwater view, etc., will make you feel relaxed, happy and stress free. It relaxes body the same way  yoga and meditation does.

5. Swimming May Lengthen Your Life

Researchers at the University of South Carolina followed 40,547 men, aged 20 to 90, for 32 years and discovered that those who swam had a 50 percent lower death rate than runners, walkers or men who got no exercise. The same benefits would be received by aqua-women as well. I guess this might be the great reason to start swimming.

So, ladies take a deep breath and start swimming.


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