Hello Ladies,

I visited Dubai in October 2014 during Diwali holidays. Ahh, Dubai one of the famous tourist places in the world was perfect for me to spend my holidays. The best time to travel Dubai is in the months of October to April. Weather wise it is the best time to visit Dubai. If you are planning for family trip then book an apartment using Airbnb. It will make you feel like you are at your own home, having breakfast together, late night chits chats etc. I went there with my family we booked an apartment near Dubai Marina and enjoyed our stay.

Here are some of the pictures of the apartment we stayed in Dubai.


We visited most places in Dubai using metro, it was a great experience. My mother-in-law, of all, enjoyed metro service a lot and loved the doors closing and opening directions in local language. Another thing about metro service is that it does not operate on Friday till 1 p.m. so plan accordingly.

You can see people from all around the world in Dubai. Walking by the roads in Dubai makes you feel like you are in middle of  car race. At first I was little scared of the vroom sound of high speed vehicles but later got habitual. I still miss the engine vroom sound.

If you are planning to buy candies from mall, ensure that it doesn’t contain beef if you are vegetarian . Don’t forget to buy dates from Bateel.

Will come up soon with places I visited in Dubai. 🙂 🙂


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