5 Foods To Include In Your Daily Diet

5 Foods To Include In Your Daily Diet


Health is Wealth.

It is very well said that “Health is Wealth”. If you are healthy then you can do whatever it takes to be wealthy, but not other way round, right?

Small changes in our routine can make a big difference in our life. Like,

  • Once a week you can go to work by public transport which will burn some calories and save some bucks.
  • Instead of driving to nearby places you can just walk there or use bicycle. 
  • On your way home you can use steps instead of lift.

There are some healthy habits which we should include in our diet too. Few of my favourite things are:

Fresh Fruits:

Everybody loves fruits and It does’t contain much fat. It’s good source of many nutrients (like Vitamin C, folic acid,etc.,) that are consumed very less by us hence healthy too.


Milk is rich in protein and calcium which helps to keep bones strong and healthy. A glass of milk once a day is one the best healthy habits. Everybody doesn’t like milk, right?Even I don’t like plain milk so I add some flavours in it which makes it yummy. If you don’t like milk too then you can add flavours of your choice. Even you can make milk shakes. Sapodilla (Chikoo) milk shake is my favourite. What’s your’s? 

Green and leafy Vegetables: 

Who doesn’t like to stay young? I guess all of us. Veggies are rich in nutrients which works as anti-aging, increases hair growth, boosts bone strength etc., 

Sprouts :

Sprouts is rich source of antioxidant and protein. It also reduces the risk of heart disease and helps to maintain good eyes. 

Yogurt or curd

It helps in digestion and weight loss. Eating curd daily will enhance your immunity by five times.

bowl of sour cream on white wooden table

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading and please  comment below your healthy food items. XOXO 🙂


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