Hi All,

Carrying a big handbag is a trend these days, with that, however some of us are not sure what are the essentials things we should keep with us. So I’ll share a list of things which I feel are “must haves” in a handbag.

1. Hand Sanitizer

We come in contact with a lot of things which are potential source of germs in our day to day life,  now we may not realize this but in order to stay healthy we should clean our hands frequently. For this, having a hand sanitizer is must. It will help you protect from germs.

2. Wipes

We might not have access to a wash room every time, having wipes with us will make it easy for us to clean face from dust and pollution. would help to clean face whenever you want without any hustle. It will instantly freshen you up.

3. Compact

It would be helpful when you want to touch up your makeup or check how does your hair looks.

4. Kajal

I always have kajal or eyeliner with me. It has been very useful to me many times.

5. Lipstick or Lipgloss

It would be useful after lunch or snacks to prevent your  lips from getting dried and give you  perfect look.

6. Comb

I feel like setting my hair every 2 to 3 hours so I always keep comb with me. My hair annoys me when I am working so I comb them every 2 to 3 hours.

7. Hair bands

Always keep hair bands with you. Sometimes, on your way back home, you may want to tie your hairs. I always tie my hairs when travelling and let them free later.

8. Safety Pins

You never know when your top, skirt, blouse or tee accidentally tear up. It would be perfect excuse to buy new one, but in the middle of the day during your office hours it might be difficult. Safety pins will help you in such situation.

9. Pen and paper

Some of you might be thinking who needs pen and paper in this era. But trust me, it will help when your phone’s battery is dead.

10. Band Aids

Always keep band-aids it will help you when your new shoes are biting or you get a cut on your finger.

11. Pad

It could be worse needing a pad and not having it. Always prepared for it by having one in your handbag.


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