Hi Ladies,

Beaches are one of the most places that attracts a lot. We love beaches a lot and get excited so much about it that, we forgot some of the things that are must needed for. So here I am pointing out 10 things you shouldn’t forget.

1. Sunscreen Lotion

I know some of you must be thinking that, why we need to carry sunscreen lotion with us instead of not applying it at home. As your body gets direct sunlight on beach you need to reapply throughout the day so that your skin don’t get tanned.

2. Snacks and Water

Pack some snacks that your feel that you might carve for it after getting wet in water. Besides this also pack some water bottles too. Taking your own snacks and drinks will save your money and time.

3. Sheets and Towels

Most people just pack towels but forgets to take sheets. We enjoys laying on sand but, during lunch or snacks time it would be good to have sheets on sand so that we might not end up eating sand. Besides this don’t forget to pack towels and face napkins.

4. Bags and Trash Bags

Carry one extra bag with you so that you can pack your wet clothes in it. Also carry some trash bags, as you need to pack your own trash. Take large bag because you will have more trash than you expect.

5. Baby Powder

Some of you might be thinking it’s weird to take baby powder but once you know how helpful it is you would never forget to carry it. Take a handful of powder and apply it on your legs and feet. The sand will fall away easily so that home doesn’t need to know about you beach trip.

6. Hat and Goggles

Never forget to take hat and goggles, it will protect your face and eyes from direct sunlight. Besides this,  it will also act as your photography props. You would love to click pictures on beach with hats and goggles.

7. Flips Flops or Sandals

Wear Sandals or flip flops while your trip to beach or you can carry them with you if you have any plans after or before your beach trip.

8. Camera and Case

You can click best natural pictures on beach. Case will help you to keep water and sand away from camera. You can also have your photoshoot on beach.

9. Binoculars

It will help you to see far away views. You can enjoy sunset, birds , etc.

10. One Extra pair of Clothes

Sometimes you need an extra pair of clothes on beach. Think about worst case scenario and pack accordingly.


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